Markus Oustfeld: The Final great Nazi Hero

Final Nazi Hero

Iron Cross and SkullMarkus Oustfeld was born in 1899 in Flensburg, a town in northern Germany not far from the present day Danish border. His father was Austrian, his mother from Andorra. A couple of months before his 15 birthday, he lied about his age and joined the German army fighting in France during “The War to End All Wars”. He had a rapid rise through the ranks and when he was 20 he joined the German army Officer corps.

In 1943, he was promoted to the honorary rank of Generalfeldmarschall and appointed Generaloberst of the rapidly diminishing forces east of the river Elbe. He was, and still is the youngest person ever to hold these ranks. He personally oversaw the reorganisation of all German Special Forces. In 1944, he split his command in two, giving the newly appointed commander of Army Group Vistula, General Gotthard Heinrici, full command of his remaining Wehrmacht and SS units. Oustfeld and the remaining members of SS-Jäger-Battalion 502, The Brandenburgers, and two regiments of Fallschirmjäger headed south to Switzerland. They remained there and launched small scale attacks on American, British and Russian troops in northern Italy, southern Germany and Austria.
They kept this up till 1952, when he and the remaining 523 of his men were smuggled out of Europe to Southern Africa by Nazi sympathizers. While there, they helped train Rhodesian, Namibian and South African troops in conventional and un-conventional warfare.
A team of Jewish assassins called “The Avengers” who tracked down and executed Nazi war criminals after WWII, attempted to track down Oustfeld and his men and gain revenge for atrocities carried out during the war.
Over a seven year period during the mid and late 50’s, both sides inflicted losses on the other. After major losses, The Avengers group sought a cease-fire. A three day truce came into effect after which all of the remaining Avengers left in southern Africa moved to Israel. This rump group became the main instigators of The Six-Day War in 1967.
The late ‘50’s brought the remaining members of Oustfeld’s group into conflict with the C.I.A. and groups funded by them. In Retaliation, he led a group of handpicked men to the United States on forged passports were, after a month of planning, they shot and killed the U.S. President, John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.
Their plan was almost discovered when Lee Harvey Oswald saw the group acting suspiciously. He went home to get his rifle and when he came back to challenge them, they took him hostage. After the event, he was discovered giving chase to the group from the Texas School Book Depository.
To cover up the fact that a group of former Nazi German soldiers had killed a U.S. president, new president Lyndon B. Johnson managed to pin the whole assassination on Oswald, as the lone gunman.
When Oustfeld heard the news, he contacted the U.S. government and threatened to go public on his involvement. To maintain the cover-up, an agreement was reached whereby Oustfeld and his group kept their silence in return for full pardons. They were given new identities and travel documents to anywhere in the world.
Oustfeld and a group of 23 men moved to the U.S. were they were instrumental in setting up an elite group to protect future presidents. He has received multiple presidential citations for his services to the safety of presidents of the U.S.
To this day, all knowledge of this group is denied. The only person they are answerable to is the president and they have the choice of any weapon or any equipment they deem essential and are at the fore-front of the development of new military weapons and techniques.
In March 1979, two days before his eightieth birthday, Oustfeld died from complications from lung cancer. He was buried quietly near his home in Oregon.


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