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My Escape From a Living Hell

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To keep this account to a reasonable length, I have glossed over some events and shortened the length of time between others. If a reader wants further information, they just have to ask. Because of the group’s willingness to sue, I have had to be careful about naming people. I ask that this lack of names and shortening of the story does not lead anyone to downplay the events written about. If anyone needs or wants more information or has any questions, just ask and I can reply either publicly or privately. All the events took place in Dublin unless stated otherwise.

P.S. If my story gets turned into a film, I want Tom Cruise to play me.
I was always something of an odd kid growing up. Being very uncomfortable around girls, it was impossible for me to start a conversation with someone I’d just met. Going up to somebody and asking her out would have completely freaked me out. This led to quiet a lot of people presuming I was gay or calling me that weird fella in the corner. Doing my Leaving Cert in the summer of 1990, my working life began with a few dead-end jobs over the next three years, not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life. That all changed one April morning in 1993, when I met the one person who would have the biggest effect on my life up to that point. (more…)


Political Change in Ireland?

Time for Change in Ireland

Irish Provincial Flags

Since Ireland became a republic in 1948, there has not been any major overhaul of the way the country is ran. We inherited a system from the British that was intended for a 19th century world. From our independence in 1921, politicians were more concerned with keeping their own positions than running the country for the wider Irish people. Score settling, one-upmanship, jobs for their cronies and the lining of their own pockets played a role in the political malaise that set in.