Dangers Of A Catalan Yes Vote

On Sunday 1st of October, Catalonia goes to the polls in a disputed independence referendum. Polls show around 40 percent of Catalans support independence. A yes vote would not only have repercussions for Spain, with other regions looking for independence and the Balkanisation of the Iberian peninsula. It could also cause massive problems across Europe, with other independence movements in places like Scotland, Flanders, Madeira and Bavaria.increasing their calls for a vote on their futures. (more…)


Political Change in Ireland?

Time for Change in Ireland

Irish Provincial Flags

Since Ireland became a republic in 1948, there has not been any major overhaul of the way the country is ran. We inherited a system from the British that was intended for a 19th century world. From our independence in 1921, politicians were more concerned with keeping their own positions than running the country for the wider Irish people. Score settling, one-upmanship, jobs for their cronies and the lining of their own pockets played a role in the political malaise that set in.