Oreo’s: Twitter Kings?

Oreos sandwich cookies were first developed and produced by Nabisco in 1912 in New York City. Today, they are not only the best-selling cookie in the United States, they are the world’s favourite best-selling cookie brand that grosses a stunning $2 billion a year.

Oreo's Biscuit

Oreo’s Biscuit

They are not only a sandwich biscuit, it’s a brand that keeps you connected and attached. Oreos have an enormous fan following on Social Media – as of 13th of February 2014 they have 35 million fans on Facebook, 286,000 followers on Twitter, and over 20 million views on YouTube. This is before you go near the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, etc. They connect with their audience through their content mix.

Social Media platforms give you an ample number of options to be creative. You can have text, video, links, polls, ads, contest, giveaways, images and other options to showcase your creativity. Images do wonders on social media and have more virality than any other content type. According to Christopher Ratcliffe, Oreos are the king of agile marketing. They have a marketing team that not only has a finger tightly on the pulse, but who can also react with whip-smart efficiency, humour and charm. It is certain that the brand does annual marketing planning, but its focus on creating real-time relevancy on social media sites make Oreos the king of social media marketing.

To see this in action, have a look at what Oreos did during the 2013 Super Bowl. When the lights went out at the New Orleans Superdome during the game, football players shuffled about the sidelines in the barely lit arena, while tens of millions of television viewers looked for something else to do during the thirty four minute blackout. Oreo’s marketing executives were gathered together watching the game from a social media “war room” of sorts. In five minutes, the team had composed, created, and tweeted, a simple, clever twitter status, blackout-related ad, showing a picture of a single Oreo cookie against a dark background with the tag line “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark.” It outdid most super bowl tv ads in reach and popularity. Are they the new Twitter kings?

The Oreo Twitter ad generated more than 15,000 retweets and was seen by tens of thousands of people on Twitter. It was lauded for being one of the best Super Bowl ads ever. Dozens of papers, including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and others wrote articles about it .

The above example shows a couple of important lessons about how to run a successful social media campaign:

·         Be timely and topical

Make a calendar of holidays and upcoming events, and plan posts around them. For example: Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, soccer and rugby matches.

·         Promote Consistently and Frequently.

Oreo boosted customer engagement because their fans knew that they would post new graphics and twists on its image each day. Thus, it is important to regularly engage on social media and to post at least a couple of times each day to build up your social media and engage successfully with your company’s customers.

·      Use Graphics, Simple Concepts

The Oreo’s campaign was simple. They designed 100 different cookies and released one every day. That simplicity paired with the exciting visual element of the social media campaigns made them easy for viewers to understand and share.

·         Be Provoking

One important way to engage with your fans is to keep asking them questions and provoking them to share and/or comment on the content you share. Oreo run campaigns with no materialistic giveaways or prizes but still people participate in huge numbers.

·         Have Fun

When interacting with your social community it is vitally important to have fun, so long as your business type allows it. If you can make someone smile, do it and you’ll notice your following will immediately begin to grow.